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Arlen Schweiger 08/12 03:45 PM,

These cool outdoor theater rigs were showcased on—and there’s still some summer left to enjoy one at your own home.

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Arlen Schweiger 12/02 10:15 AM,

From their pool they have a great view of the gazebo theater and its 92-inch motorized screen, and well-placed speakers assure audio all around.

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DIYer Brings the Drive-In Home
Rachel Cericola 08/04 08:20 AM,

Kevin and Dee Van brought a bit of nostalgia to their backyard, via eight vintage speakers, concessions, and a homemade retractable screen.

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Steven Castle 09/10 07:00 AM,

This 1,200-square-foot “Miami modern” condo doubles as an occasional residence and a sleek show home.

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