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Arlen Schweiger 08/10 11:11 AM,

This living room retains its traditional charm thanks to a disappearing TV.

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Lisa Montgomery 04/23 09:10 AM,

A housewide Crestron audio system expands with the changing needs of a family of five in this 6,000-square-foot home.

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Home Makeover
Rachel Cericola 07/28 07:20 AM,

Adding on to his 1921 colonial gave this homeowner the space needed to make the perfect movie experience.

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photovoltaic roof
Steven Castle 10/09 01:35 PM,

A Massachusetts man uses a photovoltaic system on his roof without using traditional solar panels.

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Crawlspace becomes home theater
Lisa Montgomery 12/01 09:49 AM,

Like any crawlspace, the one in the Jim and Jannette Holmes’ house was in no shape to handle a big-screen and a surround-sound system, much less a group of people. For starters, the ceiling was too low, which meant the space would have to be dug out by three feet. Walls and floors would have to be added, as well as lighting and ventilation. And the entire area would need to be wired from top to bottom for all the audio and video equipment that would eventually occupy it.

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