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Gefen is a leading solutions provider at the forefront of the digital connectivity arena, delivering a wide selection of audio/video switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, adapters, cables and home theater accessories that support systems of all shapes and sizes. Gefen’s scalable solutions allow home entertainment and computer systems to be easily integrated, extended, distributed and optimized to maximize performance. Prosumers around the world turn to Gefen for dependable products that sustain the test of time, supported by technical representatives skilled in a wide variety of manufactured products that complement all Gefen solutions. The company’s unique product innovations, including Fast Switching Technology (FST) and Power Over Line (POL) technology, continue to significantly enhance the performance of audio/video systems. Wireless high definition video extension, integration of alternative content for digital cinemas, and high-end audio processing also adds to its reputation as a significant resource for installers and system integrators. Gefen is one of the first to support the new 3DTV standards, and is committed to supplying integrators with the most reliable, effective and forward-thinking solutions available today. As we move forward in the 21st century, Gefen leads the way in harnessing new technologies while increasing its value-added proposition through outstanding customer service and technical assistance. GefenTV is Gefen’s exclusively consumer brand, offering professional quality products at cost-effective prices. Designed to give home theater enthusiasts access to leading connectivity solutions without requiring a technical background in audio/video, all GefenTV products are attractively designed for the home and are installed with plug and play ease. Gefen will always offer the finest quality products at the best possible price. Included in that price is a lifetime of free support from a team of outstanding engineers.

Gefen News

Gefen Updates 1080p Wireless Extender for CES
The new Wireless for HDMI 60 GHz promises uncompressed full 1080p HD streams without wires.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Theater Control Upgrade
Good preparation the key to a trouble-free installation of a control system.

Gefen Debuts Ultra HD 4K Splitters
The company has three new options for delivering 4K to multiple displays.

Gefen Wireless Extender Delivers HD and 3D Up to 33 Feet
The new Wireless Extender uses 60GHz technology to transmit HD and 3D signals.

Surviving in the Home Automation Market
The home automation and control systems market can be a frightening place.

Gefen Ships GAVA
Gefen Ships GAVA, a New End-to-End A/V Automation Solution With a Quick Installation and Very Little Programming Required

New Gefen ToolBox Extender for HDMI
New Gefen ToolBox Extender for HDMI with POL Offers Lower Pricing on HDBaseT Extension Technology with Power over Line

New GefenTV 4x1 HD Switcher w/Audio Amplifier
New GefenTV 4x1 HD Switcher w/Audio Amplifier Combines Source Switching and Audio Processing in One Convenient Solution

Is IP Control Replacing IR?
Yes and no. IP has huge potential, but there are complications.

Gefen Launches IP-based Home Control System
Audio/video control and automation with no programming and quick installation.

What’s a Matrix Switcher and Why You Need One
This simple looking device gives every TV in your house access to a myriad of video components.

Gefen Boosts USB Sound with New Amplifier
Gefen’s new USB Audio Amplifier promises big sound from any laptop or desktop computer.

HDBaseT Combines Audio, Video, Power and Control Over Cat5
Will HDBaseT technology change the way we hook up our home theater?

Gefen Amp Pumps Up the Volume to 2.1
The new device is designed for small home entertainment systems or as an add-on audio processor to any computer audio output.

Gefen Debuts 1080p HD Scaler
The ToolBox HD 1080p Scaler can integrate A/V systems using displays with different native resolutions.

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