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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

Extra Vegetables My Movies Driver for Control4

MSRP: $125.00

The Extra Vegetables My Movies driver enables content ripped to a NAS or dedicated movie server to be tagged using My Movies and displayed in Control4. It is then played back using a PopBox, PopCorn Hour, Dune HD or Windows Media Center.

My Movies provides extremely accurate meta-data tagging, meaning that the customer or dealer doesn’t have to spend time hunting around the internet looking for missing cover art. The My Movies software enables collections and home movies to be tagged easily on a PC .

The meta-data is updated in the Control4 media library within 60 seconds, so new content is available immediately. The customer no longer needs to wait for an over-night scan to see their new movies. The meta-data is displayed on the Control4 touchpanels, OSD and on the Control4 iPhone/iPad and Android apps making it easy and convenient to select a movie for playback.

My Movies scans a wide range of media types including DVDs, Blu-rays and single file rips like MKVs and DIVX. Because My Movies is scanning the files, there are no confusing restrictions on Blu-ray format ripping for reliable playback by a PopBox or Dune HD player.

The innovation is bringing together My Movies Collection Management, standard storage, a media playback device such as a PopBox and Control4. These products are already familiar to dealers. By using the Extra Vegetables drivers, dealers can now provide a highly featured, easy to use movie storage and playback solution.

The solution is extremely flexible and scalable. More storage required? No problem, add in another NAS. Another zone of playback required? Connect a PopBox to the IP network via ethernet and to the TV via HDMI. The entire movie database is then available in that room.

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The My Movies integration with Control4 provides a reliable and accurate cost-effective alternative to proprietary movie servers.

This solution enables a choice of storage and playback device. Some customers will be comfortable using a PC and NAS or RAID storage while others will prefer to use an all-in one solution such as the diamond designs Smart Server. Either way the solution is scalable and can grow with the customer's needs. Customers are well aware that storage is a commodity product and dislike being locked into expensive proprietary storage.

Playback is via a PopBox or PopCorn Hour, Dune HD or Windows Media Server. In each case the dealer has the flexibility to recommend the most appropriate solution to their customer. The PopBox/PopCorn Hour and Dune HD players are connected via ethernet so adding another zone of playback is simple and affordable. Even better, the PopBox is small enough to tuck behind a TV screen.

Whilst the solution is cost-effective and scalable, there are no compromises on features. My Movies provides extremely accurate meta-data tagging, all the cover art and movie details are updated within 60 seconds in Control4. Playback is fast and reliable from a choice of media players.


Customers have DVD, Blu-ray and home movie content. They are looking for a simple, reliable and cost effective way of managing this content through their Control4 system.

Customers want accurate metadata lookup for all of their content and for it to be available immediately, not via an overnight scan. They want to be able to use inexpensive, scalable storage that can grow with their collection. They want to be able to play-back home movies and easily manage this content along with their Hollywood blockbusters. They also want to be able to add another playback zone without it costing a fortune.

My Movies Collection Management software is the world's leading meta-data look-up service. By combining this with the ease and elegance of the Control4 home control system and an in-expensive media player, customers have a cost-effective way of managing and playing back their movies.

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Extra Vegetables enables dealers to extend the possibilities of a Control4 system through add-on drivers, utilities and apps.

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My Movies Driver for Control4

The Extra Vegetables My Movies driver for Control4 provides an affordable, reliable and scalable solution for movie management and playback in Control4.