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2014 Product of the Year Entrant Gararge Door Management

Homeowners can remotely manage, monitor and control their garage door using the mobile app or web interface, which provides seamless control of all the home’s mission critical systems. Interactive Security and Monitoring Solution delivers interactive security, video monitoring, home automation and energy management to consumers through licensed and authorized dealers. Anchored by a dedicated wireless connection for better security, the solution enables consumers to monitor, control and interact with their security system, lights, thermostats and locks via smartphones, tablets and PCs.

2014 Product of the Year Winner
Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset’s Kevo is the first deadbolt intelligent enough to recognize authorized users through their smartphones and unlock with just a simple touch. A low-energy Bluetooth signal allows the lock to recognize authorized users without requiring them to take their phones out of their purses or pockets. This pioneering touch-to-open technology makes Kevo an ideal keyless entry solution that doesn’t require homeowners to interact with their phones, providing hassle-free entry. Authorized users are able to share electronic keys (eKeys) with others through the Kevo mobile application or Web portal. The app keeps a log of door activity and provides notifications to users if another person locks or unlocks the door, making key management easier than ever. With Kwikset’s leadership in smart, simple residential door lock technology, consumers are getting a lock engineered for maximum security and technology performance that they may not find with others on the market.

Kwikset Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset Kevo smart lock turns smartphones into keys, giving owners the ability to unlock the door with a simple touch and share eKeys through an app. The first-to-market Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt lets users touch the deadbolt to unlock the door while an authorized smartphone remains in their purse or pocket.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Kwikset SmartCode™ 914 Deadbolt with Home Connect technology

Kwikset’s SmartCode 914 Deadbolt with Home Connect technology features a new design with best-in-class residential lock aesthetics. This design offers a new exterior style and class-leading reduced interior size for enhanced aesthetics inside and outside the home. With a completely redesigned quiet-drive locking system, the Kwikset SmartCode™ 914 Deadbolt blends technology and performance in a smartly designed package that complements the aesthetics of any home.

Kwikset SmartCode™ 914 Deadbolt with Home Connect™ Technology

Kwikset’s SmartCode™ 914 Deadbolt with Home Connect™ features a new exterior style and class-leading reduced interior size for enhanced aesthetics. The SmartCode™ 914 integrates with home security and automation systems, allowing the locks to communicate with other wireless products such as security and home entertainment systems. 

Kwikset SmartCode™916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt with Home Connect™Technology

Kwikset, the leader in residential security, introduces the SmartCode™ 916 Touchscreen electronic deadbolt lock. The SmartCode Touch provides all of the features of SmartCode—including keyless entry—combined with the added convenience and enhanced aesthetics of a capacitive touchscreen.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
URC TRF-ZW1 Total Control Z-Wave® Extender

Designed from the ground up to be a seamless part of URC’s Total Control system, the TRF-ZW1 provides a seamless gateway to allow control of Z-Wave-enabled products. Enjoy control of Z-Wave door locks, lighting and more from any Total Control interface including remotes, keypads and smart phones or tablets. This piece opens up Total Control to the broadly appealing world of Z-Wave integration providing yet another avenue to take total control of more components in and around the home with URC. This secure system also features an annual online service allowing password-protected setup and control of your Z-Wave devices. Security is becoming increasingly important to homeowners, and this URC product provides new piece of mind for everyone in the family. Conveniently receive email and SMS text notifications when doors are opened. Use your remote screen to see who’s at the door right from your kitchen or living room. Or, imagine the comfort you could feel knowing that you could have certain lights go on and off at times you choose; making the house look lived in even though no one’s there. With the TRF-ZW1 gateway as part of a Total Control system, all this and more is possible.

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