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Learn about controlling your whole home, including your home theater, your lighting and temperature, security system and more!

Grant Clauser
10/24 02:45 PM, 0 Comments
Officially, the company says the acquisition will not affect current users of Revolv systems, but that the product will no longer be offered for sale.

Lisa Montgomery
10/22 08:00 AM, 0 Comments
How GE’s development of the LED light bulb is laying the groundwork for home automation ideas.

Lisa Montgomery
10/17 10:35 AM, 0 Comments
Automation becomes integral to the design and functionality of a glass-and-concrete home away from home.

Rachel Cericola
10/14 07:58 AM, 0 Comments
The new network player puts web-based streaming services, web radio and stored music on one system.

Rachel Cericola
10/07 08:56 AM, 0 Comments
The new link-U Hybrid SmartCam features standard PoE and a backup 8-hour battery.

Rachel Cericola
10/06 11:10 AM, 0 Comments
The new DCS-6004L has a 1280x800 resolution, a built-in microphone, and infrared illumination.

Rachel Cericola
10/01 01:18 PM, 0 Comments
Swann is looking to combine security, home automation, energy management, and more.

Grant Clauser
10/01 09:21 AM, 0 Comments
GE enlisted the help of Jeff Goldblum for a hilarious take on the benefits of smart wireless lighting and LED blubs.

Rachel Cericola
09/30 10:36 AM, 0 Comments
The company’s latest uses Z-Wave to communicate with virtually all popular home automation products.

Rachel Cericola
09/26 01:14 PM, 0 Comments
The app for Windows Phone 8.1 allows users to control and monitor homes via voice commands.

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