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What’s it take to run your home? Learn about how to monitor usage, products that help your home be more efficient and the best ways to help you cut down on energy costs.

Rachel Cericola
11/06 09:06 AM, 0 Comments
The 4.3 software update for the Nest Thermostat is now available.

Rachel Cericola
11/05 09:44 AM, 0 Comments
The upcoming option can extend the capability of your smart programmable thermostat.

Rachel Cericola
09/23 10:28 AM,
How the two smart home devices playing nice can be used to your advantage.

Rachel Cericola
09/23 08:52 AM,
The latest from ecobee includes remote sensors to measure temperature and occupancy in multiple locations.

Rachel Cericola
08/28 12:13 PM,
The first of the Connoisseur Series can upgrade TV sound and add in Bluetooth.

Rachel Cericola
08/06 02:15 PM,
The upgrade includes an Android app, “intelligent occupancy,” support for new devices, and more.

Rachel Cericola
07/18 10:49 AM,
The Honda Smart Home home has several electronic enhancements and provides zero-net energy living.

Rachel Cericola
07/10 01:07 PM,
The smart floor and ceiling vents work in conjunction with your smartphone.

Rachel Cericola
06/25 12:26 PM,
As part of the “Works with Nest” program, the company will tie laundry into the popular connected thermostat.

Grant Clauser
06/10 08:41 AM,
Honeywell’s new Lyric Wi-Fi thermostat uses geofencing to keep you comfortable.

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